Saudi Sports for All Federation stages Lifestyle Enhancement Conference for the first time in Saudi Arabia

December 7, 2019

  • The SFA and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health in association with Weqaya band together for first-ever showcase summit to enhance health and quality of life across the Kingdom
  • Saudi Sports for All Federation aims to focus on nutrition and a balanced lifestyle in parallel with physical fitness
  • The Lifestyle Enhancement Conference brought together globally renowned experts on healthcare, wellness, medicine and alternative therapies in Riyadh

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA  ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and in association with the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Weqaya  ), held the first-ever Lifestyle Enhancement Conference (LEC  ) in Riyadh. The LEC, focusing on the emerging science of lifestyle medicine and preventative nutrition, took place on December 7 and 8, 2019, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh.

The LEC brought together globally renowned experts on healthcare, wellness, medicine, and alternative therapies under one roof to discuss some of the most pressing issues of today. The conference highlighted the importance of healthy choices, nutrition, and physical activity to help prevent diseases like diabetes and obesity.

“The Saudi Sports for All Federation champions physical activity and fitness as a major tenet of increasing health and welfare. As part of our mission to enhance the quality of life in the Kingdom, we are also advocating for conscientious nutrition,” said Ms. Shaima Saleh Alhusseini, Managing Director, SFA. “The Lifestyle Enhancement Conference, staged in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Weqaya, is the first event to bring together top caliber medical professionals to facilitate the increase of health education levels in Saudi Arabia,” continued Alhusseini.

Speaking at the conference, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, President Saudi Sports for All Federation, said: “Diseases such as diabetes and obesity are increasing at an alarming rate in the region and becoming a major cause of worry. We are seeing that the lack of sports participation and physical activity, combined with substandard health education, are all contributing factors to poor health. Adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle are among the top factors needed to prevent these diseases. As an organization focused on a healthy public, we seek to engage and communicate on measures that contribute to prevention.”

“The SFA endeavors to counter the health threats that our society faces. We aim to contribute to proactive, healthy behaviors by hosting experts from various branches of health, fitness, wellness, and medicine together to discuss and share insights on prevention and alternative remedies to these diseases,” concluded Prince Khaled.

Saudi Vision 2030 has outlined its goals for a more physically fit population by increasing student participation in sport by 25% and increase the number of fitness coaches in the country. The LEC aims to proactively address this target by also adding health education metrics to its national campaigns.

With the event’s insightful presentations and panel discussions showcasing the importance of exercise and nutrition for mental and physical wellbeing, in addition to highlighting prevention and treatment measures for different types of diseases.

Attended by medical and healthcare professionals, nutritionists, wellness experts, sports and fitness coaches, physical therapists, and students of the related fields, the LEC’s inaugural edition was a resounding success.

Going forward, the SFA intends to build on the LEC’s extremely positive reception in Saudi Arabia by continuing its close cooperation with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health and Weqaya to establish an annual event open to the public.

About the Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA  )

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA  ), a proactive community sport and wellness organization founded to promote a healthy lifestyle in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aims to provide access to opportunities for all members of society to practice physical activity.

Partnering with government organizations, sports delivery bodies, sports federations, and the wider public and private sector to achieve its goals, the SFA focuses on increasing physical activity and health and wellness metrics across the country. The increase of physical activity is achieved by advancing four strategic priorities: education; community and volunteering; fitness and wellbeing; and campaigns and promotion.

It does this by designing and deploying recreational sports programs tailored for women, men, youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities across Saudi Arabia.

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